Artist To Watch: MAVI

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Twenty one year old MAVI self released his debut album “Let The Sun Talk” back in October 2019. The Charlotte based rap artist is often affiliated with artists like Earl Sweatshirt and much of this project carries a similar melancholic sound.

Over these moody beats, MAVI’s words tells a story of his experience as a black man in America. He considers himself an activist and his music smoothly carries his message to listeners. The artist has dropped a handful of singles since his debut album but his first single of 2020, “SMH” was released this past November, a few weeks ago.

“SMH” is a sound reminiscent of his past music but you can hear the confidence in his voice that may not have existed until the success of “Let The Sun Talk”. MAVI has mentioned he is working on a new album but a release date has yet to be confirmed.

Give “Let The Sun Talk” a listen below.

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