Artist To Watch: Nana

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Tap in with Nana.

Los Angeles native Nana tells his own story through his November 2020 album “Save Yourself”. The project is a raw, unfiltered account of his life and experiences growing up in Crenshaw and the artist does not shy away from the details. 

Nana’s first release came in 2018 with “Nana’s EP” and though his sound has remained consistent, “Save Yourself” is definitely more refined and focused. On his 2020 release, Nana effortlessly tackles moving beats with thought provoking lyricism. His storytelling ability makes it easy to compare him to some of the best in the game right now and his growth over the past couple of years alludes to a promising future for the artist. 

Since the release of his album, Nana has put out a handful of videos that add to his story. Though there is no word yet on more music, I believe we can expect even more videos from him. Check out “Save Yourself” here and give Nana a follow on Instagram.