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My man Nas always keeps it real when it comes to the people. For the past couple of weeks he has been answering a wide variety of questions from fans via twitter. As long as you put “#AskNas” in your tweet then you would have a shot at getting a response from Nasty Nas himself. The questions ranged from what are some of Nas’s favorite movies to weather or not he piped Foxy Brown. Some of my favorites are pictured below…

I rock to Waka right now RT  better rapper soulja boy or wacka flocka

No RT  Did u f*ck Foxy Brown? 

Just got off the phone with AZ. RT  still tight with az? 

Them some big niggaz. Shouts to them. RT  Whos fatter Rick ross or Fat Joe? 

Not fully. I changed it a lil bit RT  U cover up that Kelis tattoo yet breh??

Prob 17 RT  how old where you when you first started writing for 

Mixed , swirl it up, and its good money! RT  chocolate or vanilla? 

Smile RT  if u ran into bill o’reilly in the street what would u do/say