AUDIO: NAS “Black President”

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This track is off of the Nigger Tape Mixtape
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  1. ok nas,thats the old nas i was use to hearing,good money,on this hot track,and of course bow down 2 the realest mc to ever hold a mic,in the backround & the home boy TUPAC,keep ya head up(we aint dead yet)

  2. ‘pac was right. i got love for obama solely cause he’s a brother but the nigga ain’t here for us, he’s a puppet just like al sharpton and jesse jackson ol coonin asses. and he’s a member of the illuminati. Obama is helping to bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER, we all lambs just gettin’ lead to the slaughter. yall niggas have hope and faith if you want, they got away with shootin sean bell 50 times last yr, and you think it’s gon be all good now? WAKE UP NIGGAS

  3. The fucked up thing right now as a person with color we don’t even show eachother respect ! So how the fuck are going to embrace the first black president ? Think about it.

  4. politics…is all about Benjamins..Green..the rick want to stay rich, Bush..phucked now its time for change..

    We see through, thats why nobody never gon believe you,
    You should do what we do, stack chips like *hebrews*
    Dont let the melody intrigue you (uh-uh)
    Cause I leave you, Im only here
    For that green paper which the eagle

  5. It’s a nice soundin jam and all but the content is a little off. This jam should have been done about 4 or 5 hundred years ago for the REAL first Black President Brotha John Hanson!

  6. yo X man, you be killin’ em out here, they don’t even know that obama would be the 9th black president and that George Washington was the 9th president haha. they don’t even know.

  7. and bush didn’t fuck up, the war and the way the country is going is exactly according to the NEW WORLD ORDER/ILLUMINATI plan, you think shit is bad now? wait till they start wheelin niggaz off to FEMA concentration camps and microchippin us. you better youtube and google REX-84, Veri-Chip, and Martial Law cause they on the way soon baby. GETCHA GUNS UP. RBG FO LIFE!

  8. Actually my Brotha if you count 7 Black Presidents before washington and I’ve heard at the least 6 and at the most 9 Black or Malatto Presidents after washington. Check the book “The Six Black Presidents” and for info on Brotha John Hanson and the Brothas after him check
    So for Obama he would be at the least be the 13th Black President and at the most the 16th Black President.

  9. That micro shit is already happening. Lets talk about the way they cloning shit. Lets talk about how Obama will be lead by the white man and the niggas will follow. Lets talk about how no blacks have ever trusted Jesse or Al. What is it they do again???? Like I said before….. WE NEED TO POLICE OURSELVES

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