Audio: Young Buck – “5 Heartbeats” (Interscope Diss)

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  1. Thatplayboy obviously missed class on real life!
    what you mean wack???
    Here this man is talking about some grown man shit dealing with this Industry and you say he’s Wack?
    Naw potna yo corny ass is wack!!
    Aint boby trying too here all that Bag packer Over used Metaphor bullshit!!! it’s cool but thats not all that it is to being an emcee!
    You a Hater!!!

  2. i agree wit my nigga czarblack thatplayboy u a homo nigga buck comin wit some real shit buck’s a ryder and he’s loyal he shanked a nigga cuz he snuffed dre he’s da only one dat did sumin it aint his fault none of dis shit iz happenin u a bitch playboy.

  3. First off, this aint even a diss record.. Buck just tellin it how it is. Care really in this industry ” Nobody Don’t Care,” long as they gettin it… ya Dig? Buck got the hard as flow too. I’n know why 50 dem shitted on him….

  4. buck iz da dirty south u harrrd me on some real shit en’t no body only a couple of niggas can come close to wat my nigga doing right ur thing homie and buck da world

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