AUDIO: Young Buck & Curtis Phone Conversation

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      Young Buck speaks to 50 on his trials and tribulations …. Click here to listen to Part 1..  Click here to listen to Part 2


  1. This conversation is old before he got kicked out Fif recorded it and released let’s see what the aftermath will be. Lyrics 4 sure

  2. This is crazy if you ask me. 50 did this to Buck to make this nigga look bad. 50 got all his money so he good. This nigga Buck should not have cried to this dude because 50 was gonna play him either way. What is wrong with hip hop. 50 and g unit are done. They need to stop with this soap opera shit and make music. G UNIT IS DONE!!!!! This crying shit make Buck look like a slave. The sad thing is, his master is a black man owned by a white man. Modern day slavery

  3. this aint old caue if you read previous interviews you would know young buck owe taxes for this year and last year + you could hear him saying the reason why yayo is acting so listening to the interview properly assholes it is recently….

  4. That nigga Buck sound like a bitch.. was these niggaz on the phone or the radio..? if they was on the phone thas kool..but how the hell it get recorded..? that mean 50 recorded it and got it leaked so that nigga Buck would look like a bitch…! buck fuk’d up all the way around on that 1… aint none of that no “REAL NIGGA” Shyt… thas either staged.. or that nigga Buck jus Lame as hell….but he jus as lame if he staged it… Aint shyt wrong wit a nigga shedin a tear… but that nigga sobbin like a bitch over some dumb ass shyt……..

  5. dat nigga just love his niggaz dats da type of nigga u need atound u. a nigga dat keep it real wit u and how he feel..but it only take a fake nigga 2 comment bad about a man crying brah. nigga he feel dat he lost all his niggas he in debt and he on dat powder hard, he bound to break down… but i guess u “suppose it goons” out there a just say fuck da world and go murder somebody….yall young niggas minds is fucked up.. men cry 2…u a c…wait til ya mom or somebody close to u die…u gon cry.

  6. i dont like fif but the man knows how t run a team-its like we came in together we did it together
    we fall together-you dont know these industry niggas ,if it wasnt 4 your movement they wouldnt holla yah name or even want to get to know u so who do you ride 4 the niggas u came up with or thee niggas u barley know ,that only fuck with u because of your rap fame.u keep real with your niggas-whats so fucking hard -you dont even know these cats-real niggas please feel me on this one-fuck pride shed tears and blood if you got to 4 your nigga-cause your nigga aint too far from being your brother
    without loyalty theres no team -just play your position -so we can execute this play..

  7. Buck just been wildin out them niggas road a hell of a wave some niggas cant handle that level of fame Buck got a skill he no how to make a hit record check out elepant in the sand mix tape all four of them niggas was spittin hot shit so a Fif break buck off nigga some of that 40 million get ur crew back tight niggaaaaa

  8. Buck just took a couple beans n he get all emotional on da phone, dat ex shyt gonna fukk up niggaz minds n turn it 2 mush, im tellin its da Beans

  9. buck is all all talk juvie left his ass in cali like a bitch from his mouth the world knew the story-crying fuck that bitch in you kinda like kanye putting his hand on his hip his own man dissing him who knows him good saying he was use coke and he gets on x m radio and say he aint touch in over 15years what really good 50 bought my bently but its still and know he dont know if wanna be a west rapper or dirty south rapper WATCH HIM START SOUNDING LIKE 2PAC WATCH

  10. Dis iz a wake up call 4 rappers.Spend yo money wisely,n invest n2 sumthen.Fuck 20 cars sitten on shoes,n hella bling bling.U dont hav 2 b jus flamborant all da time.Think!N think bout da future win yo ass get old n cant rap no mo.Flip money!Datz da new dope game niggas!B legit win u got a couple of 100stacks,r mill tickets.

  11. buck keep your head up. i know your mama told you about snakes so keep your eyes open.i no u heard the song smilein faces. hook up with game yes sir

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