New Music: Rick Ross – “Black & White” Feat. Stalley, Gunplay & Killer Mike

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Not sure how much political clout Maybach Music has. For real, if there were a lobby for them it would be the Koch Brothers or the Blackstone Group. Nonetheless they engage the conversation about hood hierarchy and the harsh realities of street options. Gunplay is exceptional here, though Ross gets the last say and is no slouch. Check it after the jump.

Video: Raury – Freestyle On Sway In The Morning

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ATL alternative Raury drops this hammer on Sway's show, declaring himself a unique breed of artist with an Outkast outcast's view. The Dre Benjamin influence only peeks through and what a welcome sight it is as the eclectic Atlanta scene grows further. Better than that: it's improvised. Check the cameo after the jump.

New Music: iLoveMakonnen – “Running Away” Feat. Sea Ghost

7 years ago view-show 2,732,895

Makonnen linked with a young band for this work. You wouldn't know they're young'uns by the sound of this union. The Waffle House after-club ballad turns into a grander rock and rap style quickly. Check it and get hype after the jump.

Video: Rittz – “Crown Royal”

7 years ago view-show 431,145

Big country Rittz is a real professional. He has diffused his Southern charm into this advertisement for a hood favorite, in terms of that brown liquor. This phenomenal set of words is an ornate accompaniment to a low-key luxury drink. Check it after the jump.

New Music: Powers Pleasant – “Date Bait” Feat. Joey Bada$$

7 years ago view-show 15,538,941

Pro Era doing their best Odd Future here. As in, Powers Pleasant might have something up his sleeve that separates them from their 90s factionalism. Joey sounds smooth over this, and the space between his voice and the keyboards is finally imaginative instead of strict. Check this EDM influenced track after the jump.

Video: Rae Sremmurd – “No Type”

7 years ago view-show 3,935,250

Ok so I literally just now read that Rae Sremmurd is "Ear Drummers" backwards, which gives this group a whole new type of depth I wasn't ready for admittedly. Their uncomplicated sound against this carnival scene is a nice fit. Check out the second joint from the "No Flex" makers after the jump.

Video: G-Unit – “Watch Me”

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50 Cent and G-Unit looking a bit long in the tooth. Damn near sabre-toothed in Young Buck's case, whose name seems like a total irony in comparison to his puffy jaw and labored preening in this number. The great part is they're having fun, though, and 50 needs that as much as anyone after years of feuding. Maybe it will give some new life to his music. See hints of rejuvenation in "Watch Me" after the jump.

Video: Mac Miller – “Diablo”

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Everybody got dead homeys. So says Mac Miller and he's largely right. Although his songs (including this one) have a larking quality, but the video subverts that nonchalance with its concerned but bopping fans. Of course, he delivers the entire thing from atop a custom food truck dedicated to his heritage. Watch his intoxicated antics after the jump.

New Music: Bobby Shmurda – “Hot N*gga” (Remix) Feat. Jadakiss, Fabolous, Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, Yo Gotti, Rowdy Rebel

7 years ago view-show 2,824,965

Right after everybody's cousin, uncle and auntie jumped on this beat...there was a real remix. Jadakiss is on it. Check. Fabolous is also on it. Check two. R&B's own bad boy Chris Breezy too?'s about to get violent. Throw in Busta Rhymes's occasional Jamaican talk for fun. There's no way to go wrong with such strong veteran presence mixed with an appealing beat to disguise some slowing spitters.

Video: Curren$y – “Fo”

7 years ago view-show 4,616,370

The king of Jet Life premieres this jazzy video, with his low-rider American cars on full display. The same tropes as a lot of hip hop videos but with a sultry and mournful undertone. Curren$y makes life poetic in midnight dependent jawns like this. Check it after the jump.