Baby Boy Da Prince

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By: Starrene Rhett


      Baby Boy Da Prince says he is the Prince of the City — New Orleans, that is. His career began at age 16, opening up for No Limit Records recording artist Choppa and it took off from there.


      In 2003, his hit single, “The Way I Live,” became a hit in New Orleans. He then went on to tour with Juvenile, 50 Cent, Paul Wall and more. Then came Hurricane Katrina. It blew his high for a little while but definitely didn’t keep him down. He wrote his latest album, Across the Water, while living in a FEMA trailer but now that’s all behind him. His family is well and back together, and he’s back in business, in control and in demand. According to Da Prince, it only gets better.


Hiphopcrack: I was reading that you won Best Rap and Hip-Hop artist at the 19h Annual Big Easy Entertainment Awards, so for people who may not be familiar with that, can you explain what it is and how big of a deal it is to win?


Baby Boy: I got that title because I’m the official person through all this, ya heard me? I got that music that’ll make you [sings in gibberish] longatongtongthong…ya heard me?


Hiphopcrack: [laughs] What is that award show though? Does it come on TV?


Baby Boy: It’s something they do every year in New Orleans ya heard me?  Ya Dig? And I won the best rap and Hip-Hop artist this year, ya dig? Best rap artist in New Orleans, ya dig? Over Lil’ Boosie and over Lil’ Wayne, ya heard me?


Hiphopcrack: That’s pretty big. Do you consider yourself a new jack or have you been in the game for a while but it’s just that people are just now starting to recognize you?


BB: People started recognizing me when I did my first song, ya heard me? And it was just hot man, and they started backing me once I started making mire music.


Hiphopcrack: You suffered some major losses after Katrina, did that inspire you to pursue your music?


BB: Yeah, it inspired me because life is more than just materialistic things too ya heard me? I had to just saddle up and say, “Come on Sally, let’s ride this horse until the wheels fall off and the horse shoes go blaow!”


Hiphopcrack: How’s your family doing after that and how are you holding up?


BB: My family coolin’ coolin’ retarded droolin’ right now. We sat it out throughout the year [being split up] and now we back together like birds of a feather ya heard me?


Hiphopcrack: What’s the situation like in New Orleans right now?


BB: The situation in New Orleans right now is everybody came back home, which is a beautiful thing, ya heard me?


Hiphopcrack: Are you helping to rebuild your hometown? 


BB: Anything New Orleans ask me help to do for the city I’ll do it, ya heard me?


Hiphopcrack: Let’s talk about your album, Across the Water. It’s out in stores right?

BB: It’s in stores everywhere! You gotta go get it! You gotta go get it!


Hiphopcrack: What can people expect from it?


BB: I want people to expect the unexpected from it because it’s about different stuff. I’m talking about more than one subject.


Hiphopcrack: Is a lot of the subject matter about what you went through with Katrina?


BB:  I ain’t said nothing about Katrina because I was actually in Katrina so I ain’t gonna speak on that. My body was actually swimming in those waters so I aint really talk about Katrina.


Hiphopcrack: I feel you. Who did you work with on the album in terms of producers and rappers?


BB: Mannie Fresh produced a track, I worked with Nina Sky, and Lil’ Boosie.


Hiphopcrack: How long have you been raping?


BB: I’ve been rapping for the last 8 years.


Hiphopcrack: You started when you were 16, huh? Didn’t you perform with Master P?


BB: My pahtna Choppa, he was with Master P and I was his hypeman.


Hiphopcrack: Who are some of your musical influences?


BB: Mystikal


Hiphopcrack: How are you helping to keep New Orleans on the map?


BB: I rep it everywhere I go.


Hiphopcrack: What makes New Orleans so unique in terms of the Hip-Hop scene?


BB: Because we got all styles, ya heard me?


Hiphopcrak: You got any projects coming up other than your album?


BB:  Yea, my mixtape is about to come out with DJ Smog.


Hiphopcrack: I see that you performed on Nick Cannon’s Wildin’ Out. That was just music but do you see yourself up there in a sketch one day or acting?


BB: Yea, I see acting. I see all kind of stuff, ya heard me? I’m just tryna get into everything. Anything I can do, we can make it official toilet tissue and I can wipe my ass with cash and be the first to blast but don’t pass gas if you fart I will not smell it beebie (in New Orleans drawl).


Hiphopcrack: How do you plan to solidify your place in the game right now?


BB: I’m the Prince, and the reason why I know I’m here to stay is ‘cuz I’ma keep coming with fire singles ya heard me?


Hiphopcrack: That was basically it but do you have any last words?


BB: Last Words…go get the album, it’s in stores right now. Hit me up on and NICE TO MEET YOU STARRENE!!!