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Looks like it is all over for J Lo and her hubby Marc Anthony. Rumors have circulated like flies to poop as to Marc’s obsessive/compulsive behavior being the cause of the breakdown of the four year marriage and insiders (that translates as the people the celebs keep close but sell them out the minute the paps come calling) are saying that the couple will announce their divorce on the most undivorce like day in the year…Valentines Day.
You can bet your last nickel (hard to say dollar when in the midst of a recession) that the Vlogger of the Year Sean Combs will be back in the kitchen working on his rice and beans recipe again if Jenny does come back on the market. Although I still think they were a good match for each other.


  1. Jennifer Lopez’s love life is about as entertaining as most of her movies. How she manages to keep her 15 minutes of fame going is beyond me since she’s only mildly talented except for her well-known and commented upon arse!

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