Bad Week for Russ

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Turns out Uncle Russ got a lil heated on a radio interview with Chicago radio DJ Trey from Power 92.3 fm. From what I heard Russ slammed down the phone but called back a lil later somewhat calmer…I mean for a dude who does yoga every day to maintain inner strength that  lil outburst isn’t painting a good picture. But hey he did get played on Oprah…man you got to be prepared to sit on that couch, or on the chairs she had the boys on, bearing in mind you may never be the same person when you get up. Oprah goes straight for the jugular and if they thought safety in numbers was the way to go …they were wrong. All I got to say is Russ, you helped build the shit, don’t help kill it.

Olivia News

      Ok home girl sure isn’t sitting around waiting for things to happen for her now. Her ass is in gear and even though she is supposed to still be talking daily to Bucks, Banks and Whoo Kidd, she has no contact with Curtis and the child beater…oops sorry I meant Yayo. So if she still in contact with the others, was it old man Yayo that was
hitting on Olivia to the point that it became sexual harassment? Looks like it.