Beanie’s Biggest Regret: “I Would Have Probably Put A Silencer On The Gun When I Shot That N*gga For Attempted Murder”

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Beanie Sigel recently delivered on of the funniest rapper rants that I’ve heard in a minute.  Beanie starts off this interview, solidifying his status as a true G by blatantly saying that if he could do anything over again, “I would have probably put a silencer on the gun when I shot that n*gga for attempted murder.

Even though 50 Cent sort of baited Beanie in that whole Jay-Z beef situation, Beans said he wouldn’t mind working with Curtis again.  However, Beanie’s sort of shooting higher, hoping to catch Cash Money’s attention.  “Right now, I wouldn’t mind f*cking with Baby…major’s – nah I’d rather go with independent…as far as labels out there I wouldn’t mind f*cking with Cash Money…I wouldn’t mind f*cking with 50 [Cent] right now, doing some movies…but definitely the Birdman; I f*cks with the Birdman.”

He then went on to say “me, Rick Ross and Fat Joe, we should go back and get that old classic Fat Boys album and get someone to remake them beats over, and we should do that whole album over but put a new twist on it.”  That combination of rappers would probably be tough, but remaking a Fat Boys album is pretty corny..What do I know though?  Beans thinks they would “murder it