Beating Victim Sues Jena Six Teens and School Board

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By: Rizoh

      Just when you thought it was over, more drama unfolds in the ongoing Jena Six case. The family of Justin Barker, the Caucasian student allegedly beaten by six African-American classmates in Jena, Louisiana, has now filed a civil lawsuit against the teens’ parents and the local school board. The suit also names the Jena Six teens Mychal Bell, Bryant Purvis, Carwin Jones, Robert Bailey Jr., and Theo Shaw, as well as an additional student said to have been involved in the attack.

      The 18-year old Justin Barker and his parents claim in the suit that seven students from Jena High School attacked him on Dec. 4, 2006, as he was leaving the school gym. He was allegedly knocked unconscious and repeatedly stomped by the group of seven students. He required emergency medical treatment afterwards. According to the suit, the attack left Barker with some extensive and permanently disabling injuries.

      Earlier this week, one of the Jena Six defendants, Mychal Bell, struck a plea deal with the court and pled guilty to battery in the attack. The other five teens, who will face similar criminal charges in the case, are awaiting trial.


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