Beats & Rhymes A Four Hour Non-Stop Producer & MC Showcase

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      The theme for the 4th installment of Beats & Rhymes is “Fresh of a World
Tour”. By having four out of eight producers and MC’s that are in this  months event, tour the world yearly! Fresh off a world tour with Jedi Mind  Tricks promoting there sophomore album, OuterSpace joins us to host and  perform new tracks off there new album, “Blood Brothers” out now on  BabyGrande Records. Also joining them off that same tour is, producer and  Jedi Mind Tricks touring DJ; DJ Kwestion. Along with fellow Skratch Makanik  DJ/Producer DJ Sat-One, who is wrapping up a DJ tour with the legendary DJ  Jazzy Jeff as we speak. Similar to our last event with Reef The Lost Cauze  this is also a very special event that features four producers that  OuterSpace has worked with, throughout there very successful career.

      And to make it even more special, this is also Sat-One’s first center city  gig in over 3yrs. from DJ’ing weekly at Manayunks hot spot: The Grape St.  Pub. (people are still in shock that we kidnapped Sat-One for a night!)  Sat-One has worked with OuterSpace since his breakthrough award winning ’12  in 2000 titled “Dangerzone” that featured both OuterSpace & Baby Blak on the  vocals. Joining the producer showcase is DJ Kwestion & Sake who provided  beats for “Grown Ass Man” & “Street Massacre” off the “Blood Brothers”  album. Producer A.K. is a new talent who has been recently knocking out  street anthems with OuterSpace & affiliate QD member: King Syze! This event  is sure to exceed the sold out crowd that we reached at the Jan. showcase,  with turning people away at the door. So make sure you come out uurrrlllyyyy!!

Beats & Rhymes A Four Hour non-stop Producer & MC Showcase:

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Sat. March 24th 2007 @ The Khyber (2nd & Chestnut St.-Old City, Philadelphia
Cover: $10
Opening the night off & live remixes with:
DJ Tactics

Live On The Beats:

DJ Sat One (Skratch Makaniks)
Production Credits: OuterSpace/Bahamdia/Baby Blak/Last Emperor

DJ Kwestion (Jedi Mind Tricks/Skratch Makaniks)
Production credits: OuterSpace/Vinnie Paz/Poynt Blanc

Production credits: OuterSpace/Vinnie Paz/Royce The 5’9

Production Credits: King Syze/LNS

Live Performance & Hosted By:
OuterSpace & The Mighty Flipside Esq. (Electric City)
w/some very Special Guests

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