BEP’s “Black Eyed Peas are not breaking up”

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      With Fergie blowing up worldwide with her solo efforts and Will.I.Am producing hits for everybody, Black Eyed Pea fans are wondering if this is the end for the group. BEP member assures that it is not.

      "We’re not breaking up," he told the L.A. Daily News. "We’re doing another album and a Pepsi tour in August. We’re the kind of group where we just kept on going. We played wherever we could play. We practiced a lot. We love performing, and it just happened for us. We’re really grateful for that."

      Not to be left out, Apl also announced that he’s working on a solo album, but don’t expect to be along the lines of Fergie’s or Will’s upcoming project.

      "Fergie’s album’s incredible. I’m really happy for her. Will has an album too. But I’m working on my solo project as well,” he said. “I incorporated a lot of original Filipino instruments and mixed it up with hip-hop. But we always help each other out even in our side projects."