BET losing advertisers over ‘Hot Ghetto Mess’

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      According to the Hollywood Reporter, advertisers like Home Depot and State Farm Insurance have asked that there ads be pulled from the upcoming broadcast of the new BET show, “Hot Ghetto Mess: We Got To Do Better.” The show, which is hosted by Charlie Murphy, is a collection of home videos and man-on-the-street segments that shows black people “acting ghetto”.

      The show is inspired by the website,HOT GHETTO MESS, that showcased these videos. According to the founder, Sam Donaldson, the inspiration for the site “is to usher in a new era of self-examination.” According to the website, examples of “acting ghetto” are big girls showing too much skin, doing booty dances for the camera and or females with outlandish hairdos. Most of the videos have been taken down to prepare for the show.

That’s not the only thing BET’s has been dealing with. Several group have put up petitions to have the show removed from the channel’s lineup, while others, like WHAT ABOUT TOUR DAUGHTERS, are planning a boycott.

      "Is my goal to discuss these issues in a format and context that makes people who don’t watch the channel comfortable or do it in a way that engages the 18- to 34-year-old viewer and makes them really think about these things?" Reginald Hudlin, president of entertainment for BET, told The Hollywood Reporter. "There is a generation of people who don’t know how to talk to their kids in a way that doesn’t turn them off. Now they’re complaining because we want to successfully engage them. Instead of complaining, they should take notes."

      The show will premiere on July 25 lead-in by “S.O.B. (Socially Offensive Behavior)”, a show hosted by D.L. Hughley that is sort of “Candid Camera” show where people are put in racially offensive situations.