BET Plans “Hip-Hop vs. America”, Other Shows for Fall

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      After making folks mad with their new shows like “Hot Ghetto Mess” and “S.O.B.”, BET has announced another slew of original programming for this fall. The one getting a lot of buzz is “Hip-Hop vs. America”, a multi-episode special that features a town hall meeting that includes people like Nelly, Chuck D, Dinae Weathers, Stanley Crouch and Rev. Al Sharpton discussing the good and bad things about hip-hop in 2007.

      Other new shows include “BUFU”, an animated comedy/sketch show created in the same spirit as “Chappelle Show” from the minds of Orlando Jones and Ali Leroi, and “Sunday’s Best”, an American Idol-type show looking for the country’s best gospel singer. Returning shows include “College Hill Interns”, “American Gangster 2”, “Keyshia Cole 2: The Way It Is”, and previously announced new shows “Judge Mooney” and “Exalted”.


  1. Who cares. The people that will be featured on these shows dont live in the hood. How can they possibly feel what the people that living that life everyday feel. Ok….they may come from the hood but i’m sure they have forgotten all about those days.Why do we need Al Sharpton to tell us the good and bad of Hip Hop.This old ass nigga cant help us.”He hasnt done it yet” Wake up niggas. We dont need this show or any of the other fucking shows BET gives us. Nigger tv is what we get

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