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Looks like BET are hoping to appeal to an older audience after being submerged in reality TV for the past four years. Black Entertainment Television are launching a channel called Centric according to the Associated Press which will target the more mature audience. Centric aimed at the 25-54 demographic will be made available in 45 million homes is expected to premier in October. According to Scott Mills, BET’s President, Centric and its mother company Viacom aim to target people like ‘Michelle and Barack Obama.’ Course you do.
Expected to compete with Comcast’s TV One channel, the shows tipped to air on Centric fail to make an impression that the channel will be aimed for an older audience as Keeping Up With the Joneses is said to follow the high society of Houston Texas…translated another wack ass reality show, and then the synopsis of another ‘cutting edge’ show is about male models trying to make it in NYC, sounds more like something for an adult viewing channel really, but hey until it airs who am I to judge?