Bling, Bling, the board game?

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno


      The term “bling, bling” might be played out by now (usually when soccer moms start saying it, we’ve moved on), but the Gameologist Group felt like they could stretch it a little further with their hood-inspired board game. The game, “Bling, Bling 2002: The Takeover Part 1”, is a 2-8 eight player competition for money, property and respect.

      The game play is based on c-lo (yes, that three dice game you used to play on the corner), which moves you across the board in an effort to buy property, erect city projects, gamble, save your cash and put you in a tight situation in the wrong hood. The most successful player will be crowned the “Ultimate Hustler.” The game is available at  here  for  $29.99. But you can get a sneak preview on November 28 at Sports City in Atlantic City at 12pm.