|  January 21, 2009


50 Cent is keeping mad busy it appears with all the stories that have broke about him this week. So here is a run down as to what is going down right now with the Southside rapper.
Numero Uno – Looks like Vitamin Water has annoyed the good folks of the Center for Science in Public Interest, so much so that they are claiming the Coco Cola product is nothing more than sugared water doubling up as a pretend vitamin pill. It is unclear if 50 has actually been named in the suit as well as the beverage giant. Even though the Queens rapper sold his share in Vitamin Water for an estimated $400 million, he still endorses the product with his image to promote his flavor of water Formula 50.
Coco Cola are claiming the suit is nothing more than a PR spin for the CSPI, have to agree with Coco Cola on that one as the label clearly states what is in the water.
Number TwoCurtis has officially launched his own movie company known as Cheetah Vision. The first movie from the company will feature the rapper himself and Hollywood mainstay Nicholas Cage.
Number Three – If you were anticipating Before I Self-Destruct in February, forget it, not happening. The fourth album and final Interscope installment for Curtis is now expected to drop in March.
Number Four50 was also frothing at the mouth about Em’s album saying that they are in the mastering stages of the project and we can expect a release date to be announced next month.
Number FiveCurtis is planning to spend a little time in the impoverished country of Zimbabwe this year after previous trips to Africa have failed to give him enough time to visit the country.