A Dozen Music Videos To Know And Love

 |  October 25, 2011
video-pics-1 Remember MTV and the music video? And no I'm not talking about YouTube I'm talkin about the good ole music stations back when they played music. Well here's a dozen videos that you either should have already seen or didn't hear about. Check them all and find the gems of the video world, both from the mainstream and the underground, check em out and you won't regret it. Note: these are in no particular order.

Slick Rick- "Street Talkin" Ft Outkast

. . This video-song combo was and could still be my favorite of all time. Slick leaves the pen and gets picked up...by himself, and takes himself on an ashy to classy mission while cruising in a drop top. Add the quick cuts to 1990's styled Outkast...classic.

Wu Tang Clan- "Gravel Pit"

. . The Wu meets the Flinstones to create an epic scene from 2,000,000 B.C. The Clan plays Bobby Boulders, Joe Quarry, Frank Stoney, Lex Rockhead, Stonefingers and Bo Rockhard all spitting on one of the craziest sets ever created for a video shoot. This is the most unique video in Hip-Hop history with CGI dinosaurs and ancient-ninja fighting scenes while still being able to throw in the diamonds and furs we know and love. .

Trick Daddy- "I'm A Thug"

Trick Daddy - I'm A Thug (Official Music Video). Watch more top selected videos about: Trick Daddy
. Here we have another great video concept and one of the funniest hip hop videos to this day. Trick's thuggery wreaks havoc on his bougie chick, her fam and neighborhood. He even orders chicken to the country club making one of the most memorable moments in any music video. Sh*t still cracks me up a decade later. Check out the 2:50 mark if you want a quick laugh. .

Cam'Ron- "Oh Boy"

. . This video was true turn of the millenium swag from start to finish. Dame Dash's funny ass intro sets the tone for this classic vid full of cameos and NYC streets. This was Dipset's true prime. They showed everyone why you aint sh*t if you're not in Lambos, Rarris or if you're pouring your own cereal. .

Obie Trice- "Got Some Teeth"

. . Okie dokie Obie's here on the list with an all-too often forgotten banger and hilarious video. If you know the song you can figure how funny the video's gonna be. Obie goes on a special edition of the game show 'Dream Date.' Obie's sippin the whole time doing work on his blind dates until he wakes up to find out what? You guessed it, no teeth. Check the animations and the Em cameo as the bartender. .

Ghostface Killah- "Cherchez La Ghost"

. . If we wanted we really could make this list straight through Wu and its members, but we like variety. In this Ghost classic he shows us a real party and the og Hangover morning, before anyone knew who Galifiankis was (or could pronounce his name at least). You gotta give it up for Ghost's wardrobe too, every outfit is more over the top than the last, swag. .

Redman- "I'll Bee Dat"

. . Redman at his finest, wylin out with fat b*tches, stealing cars and putting his own spin on just about every commercial product you see on TV. Every scene is dumb funny, and that scene with chick on the bike at the 2:15 mark is classic. Pure comedy with a dope track in this one. .

L.E.P. Bogus Boys- "Trading Places"

. . This video changes up the pace from comedy to drama. The Low End Professionals song is a script and the video a movie. The directing really makes you think you're watching a film, especially with the Bogus Boys telling the story in the song. When the video ends you'll be wondering what happens next and probably watch it again. I wonder if this is really a true story of theirs or another story thats simply "based" on a true one, either way sh*t' is dope. .

Rad Omen- "Rad Anthem"

. . Alright so this aint hip-hop but it is one of the best, funniest, well shot and creative videos I've ever seen. Watch this video and see how Ronald McDonald, Colonel Sanders, Jack In The Box, the Burger King and Wendy (played by Nick Swardson) get down after the food chains close. This video has it all, girls, bar fights, drugs, drinking and just general raging. .

Team Facelift- "Sexual Perversions"

. . I don't know what it is about this video that gets me everytime, oh wait yea I do, dope girls and Fat Jew being funny as sh*t, giving Ghostface a run for his money on the outfit game. The directing is great too with some trippy effects and great cinematography. We also get to see one of the best lines in the song happen on screen, it has to do with Bombay, watch to find out. .

Pharoahe Monch- "Clap (One Day)"

. . Once again we're switching it up to that drama-movie feel with Pharoahe Monch's "Clap." I don't know if this can be considered a music video when its ten minutes long and has real actors in it (like Chris from The Wire) but its dope from start to finish. Pharoahe depicts a police raid gone wrong in epic proportions. Gotta love seeing Po's catchin a bad rap in any medium. .

A Dozen Music Videos To Know and Love. A collection of classic music videos.