One of three projects the Mob member plans on dropping in 2018.

The Rocky and Ferg-lead A$AP Mob is known for pushing artistic boundaries through their individual work and collaborative projects. The two Harlem natives are amongst hip-hop’s current heavyweights, but their talents extend passed the microphone, and into recruiting. One of the Mob members who has been shadowed by the musical collective’s bigger names, A$AP Ant, is keen on proving the Mob’s depth through his debut solo project, The Prelude.

Coming in at seven tracks long, The Prelude is Ant’s chance inaugural chance to demonstrate his worth outside of his group ties. Many will say that Ant’s cachet has risen due to his A$AP Mob affiliation. Ant is here to prove that he is part of the Mob’s success–not just a product.

Stream A$AP Ant’s debut project below: