pseudo-coverRight now if you take a look at the city of Buffalo, New York odds are the huge attention getter will be the [Buffalo] Bills landing big time wide receiver Terrell Owens.

But if you look under the surface, then you’ll come across the rap duo of Pseudo Slang, and their latest album, We’ll Keep Looking.

Consisting of Emcee Sick of the Xtracts Of Slang and Tone Atlas of the Pseudo Intellectuals, the two come together to fill the project up with smooth laid back jazzy overtones, and lyrics that genuinely mesh well with the production.

Combining forces with Fat Beats Records, highlights on the project include songs like ‘Perfect Beat,’ ‘Bedouin, and the piano-driven ‘Myth Of A web-Slinger.’

The strongest track on the album comes in on hypnotic sounds of ‘Broke & Copasetic’ (feat. Vinia Mojica).

Over a flawless piece of production, both blue-collar MC’s feed off each other with ease, while displaying their lyrical diversity.

Other note-worthy contributions are songs like ‘Omelette,’ ‘Out A Touch,’ and ‘Walkin.’’

Providing a laidback aura, Pseudo Slang’s We’ll Keep Looking is more of an album made to calm you down, instead of hype you up.

Its mellow material mixed with Pseudo Slang’s lyricism makes for a solid combination of music to just sit around and relax to, rather than most Hip-Hop releases—and sometimes just simply hanging out makes for a better atmosphere than wilding out…

Rating: 3.0