It seems like reggaeton is still alive, as Pitbull moved nearly 55,000 copies this week of his latest album, Planet Pit.  Kreayshawn is also leaving her mark, as her digital single and viral sensation “Gucci Gucci” is racking up some impressive figures.  Her scans are particularly striking considering that most people continuously listen to this song by going to YouTube rather than purchasing it.  Rhymesayers artist Grieves came through with a solid first week outing for his sophomore release Together/Apart.


Pitbull “Planet Pit” – 54,930 (37% digital)

LMFAO“Sorry For Party Rocking” – 27,000

Kreayshawn “Gucci Gucci” [Single]16,652 (two week total)  (100% digital)

Grieves “Together/Apart” – 3,982  (71% digital)

Co$$ “Before I Awoke” – 123  (67% digital)