Behind the Music: Pitbull

 |  March 21, 2012

VH1 is back with their Behind the Music series and this season they’ll feature various artists including Game, Nas, Akon and T-Pain. The 1st episode premiered last week featuring Pitbull and the full video has just been released.

VH1 takes us behind the scenes as they show the struggles and triumphs Pitbull encountered from his start as a Miami battle rapper to becoming one of the worlds’ biggest international pop stars.

If you have the time, definitely watch these Behind the Music pieces. You’ll gain a greater appreciation for these artists and gain a closer look at some of the ups and downs that come along with pursuing a life as an entertainer. Hope you enjoy this one!

Coming off his first performance at SXSW, XV decides to drop his latest project The Yellow Brick Road To SXSW. This mixtape only has 9 tracks but it’s something to hold over The Squarians until The Kid With The Green Backpack.

XV The Yellow Brick Road To SXSW


The KickStream

Hoops DreamsStream

On March 15th, an official press release went out that day and Reebok announced they’ve teamed up with Rick Ross, Mike Posner & Tyga for their newest campaign “It Takes A Lot To Make A Classic” (Tyga was unable to attend due to his tour schedule but is apart of the campaign). The campaign will highlight Reebok’s “Icon” footwear, Ex-o-Fit, WorkOut and Freestyle, while celebrating its rich history as The Classics brand.

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