Banksy Movie Coming Soon

 |  February 3, 2010

The mysterious street artist Banksy has a documentary coming to American movie theaters soon.  The infamous graffiti artist, known for his guerilla style of art in strange places such as the Israeli-Palestinian wall and the back alleys of London, is only known by his public name, and his real face and name have never been officially revealed.  Banksy‘s elusiveness has created a huge mystique around him, making his art extremely expensive around the world.  He is known for questioning social norms and for poking fun at pop culture, kind of like Andy Warhol but with more anarchy behind his art.  His art usually is made up of stencils, which make his pieces really simple to create on the go.  When I lived in London a few years ago, I saw Banksy‘s work all over the place (my favorite is this one: what are you looking at), but usually his art is hidden from city centers, often preferring to vandalize the blank canvas of a building over a supermarket or on the side of a boat.  The film, called “Exit Through The Gift Shop,” chronicles Banksy during multiple graffiti missions, showing the sketchy nature of his work even after he has reached celebrity cult status.  However, throughout the making of the film, Banksy flipped the cards on the filmmaker and made the documentary more of a “making-of-the-film” than actual expose about Banksy.  I guess that’s the genius of Banksy‘s work, as his quirky message of anti-art can break through multiple artistic mediums.  “Exit Through The Gift Shop” just debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in Telluride (where some new, film-related Banksy work was spotted), and was picked up by Paramount for major release.  Below is the trailer for the film, as well as a few dope Banksy pieces.

Exit Through The Gift Shop trailer