Looks like 50 had some words for Donald Trump at the last TRL this weekend. Trump has commented that 50 must have been inspired by his ultimate business reality show The Apprentice when it came to his new show The Power and the Money. What did Fif have to say on that “In this economy, he may want to go sing ‘In Da Club’ instead of selling real estate!” You can’t tell him nothing.In other Fif news, the album is being pushed back to 2009 now. So all this hype about the major close out to the year is messing up my xmas list man, no Common, no Jay, no Dre, no Eminem, no Fif…if Jay wasn’t in that list we could see a kind of pattern emerging. IGA need to get a grip on releasing records man, they are constantly messing up their artists fan base with all these delays and what not.