Before I get my hate on I just wanna say that I think Travis Barker is a good guy.  I remember he had some reality tv show on some sh*tty TV channel.  All I know is he made this epic power move where he made his then wife go into the restaurant so he could get high by himself in the car before he got his grub on.  So clearly the guy knows the deal.  He seems like the the tye of dude I would like to get a beer with.

But does that mean he is a capable hip-hop producer?  I say no.  Everyone online seems to be co-signing him like he is some sort of legimitate rap producer, and my question is why?  The dude was the drummer in Blink-182.  So because he is the famous drummer of a pop rock band that means we have to legitmize him in hip-hop?  That’s just not how it works.

At the end of the day, if he was making dope records it wouldn’t matter.  But that’s the thing.  He isn’t.  Because Travis is a famous artist he was able to leverage features from some very high profile artists in hip-hop.  But he created some low quality music with them.  At least in my opinion.

But make your own decision.  Check out his mixtape, and three leaks from Travis’ Give The Drummer Some LP which drops next Tuesday.

Edit: I’m actually not that mad at the CuDi joint, but CuDi is more of a rock artist anyway, so it would make sense that he did a decent song with a drummer from a rock band.

Travis Barker Let The Drummer Get Wicked Mixtape

Travis Barker ft Clipse & Kobe “City of Dreams”

Travis Barker ft Kid Cudi “Cool Head”

Travis Barker ft Pharrell & Lupe Fiasco “If You Want To”