Being from the Boston area I’ll put those of you that care on to Made Men. They basically are Almighty RSO: An overly gangster legendary rap group from Boston MA, started by Ray Benzino. Benzino was made famous by owning the Source and losing a rap battle with Eminem. Being from the area I and most don’t really consider Benzino a rapper. He is very well known to be gangster along with his group mates. Many stories from rappers coming to Boston and getting stomped out for no reason have been shared in Boston for years. Edo G on the other hand is just a rappers rapper. He had one of the biggest songs to come out of Boston and one of the greatest club hip hop songs of all time in “I got to have it”. Look it up. You have probably heard it during an old school set at ur fave club. Then again maybe not. Anyways they are forming Made Men again this time with Edo G in the group. Here is the first leake “No Classic”. Produced by up and coming producer M Phazes with Benzino on the last verse. Fun Fact: The dude on the second verse: Antonio Twice Thou literally invented those “Stop Snitchin'” tees everyone seemed to love for a year or two.



Preview “No Classic” HERE