Black Eyed Peas To Open School in NYC

 |  April 20, 2011

So the Black Eyed Peas are blazing right now in the Hip-Pop world, but now they want to take their passion for music to a new level. The Cali group created their own philanthropic group, The Peapod Foundation and they are teaming up with the Adobe Foundation to open The Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academy in Lower Manhattan. This school will be for teenagers between the ages of 13 to 19; their enrollment is dependent on teacher recommendations and their work in music, editing and graphic design.

According to Billboard, “Our passion for music and media was fueled by many generous people on our road to success,” Black Eyed Peas rapper said. “Expanding the network of Peapod Adobe Youth Voices academies enables us to pay it forward, giving more youth the skills and encouragement they need to realize their dreams.

Is this the start of a new wave? I hope so! The lack of funding for music education could use this!