With this heat, your AC bill is going to be through the roof.

Alternative Hip Hop collective, BROCKHAMPTON, is on fire. Over the past two weeks, the Texas-bred group has accentuated their eccentric stylings by channeling their obscure thoughts into captivating music videos that fit as comfortably in esoteric rap as they do in mainstream Hip Hop. Most recently, they issued the entrancing visual for the outlandish “JUNKY”.

It’s weird, insane, absurd, uncomfortable—and it’s brilliant. “JUNKY” begins with a menacing request searching for Jaden Smith. A few breaths pass, and then… mayhem.

Kevin Abstract uses his part to further his homosexual rhetoric—asking why his mother doesn’t understand his sexual orientation—which in turn sets him apart from the densely crowded Hip Hop pack due to his unapologetic, unwavering approach. His dexterous bars bounce across the ominous production, perfectly mirroring the montages of crude, violent imagery. Borrowing more similarity from an Alfred Hitchcock movie than a Hype Williams video, “JUNKY” expresses why BROCKHAMPTON has experienced so much success in a saturated market: they are different, and they’re damn proud.

Bandmates Ameer Vann, Merlyn Wood, JOBA, Matt Champion, and Dom McLennon effectively leverage their contributions for increased obscurity, further blurring the lines between reality and a psychopathic vision. Individuals wearing baby masks wielding knives, Merlyn covered in Froot Loops, and women aloofly dancing in the background occupy the remainder, making for one crazy trip of a music video. For some, this might be too out there. For BROCKHAMPTON, it’s right on brand.

BROCKHAMPTON is gearing up to release Saturation II, the follow-up to their critically acclaimed Saturation, scheduled to drop on August 25th.

Watch the trippy, amazing visual below, and get prepared for more mayhem come late August.