|  February 13, 2009


A shocked Juelz Santana spoke out this week about the comments made by his former friend and label boss Cam’Ron. The Purple Haze rapper commented in recent interviews about Juelz’s addiction to syrup citing that as a major issue between the two. This however has obviously come as a big shock to Julez who said to MTV that he was NOT addicted to syrup and can only put the allegations down by Cam as some unruly PR stunt for his album Crime Pays which is scheduled for an April release. Not quite sure why this would surprise Julez though when you look at how Cam has stopped him from putting any music out since 2005.
Who we riding with on this..Cam or Juelz? Have to admit upon questioning people who are familiar with Juelz over in Teaneck where he has his studio and home comments were made that the rapper ‘may have sipped syrup occasionally but it was never a cause for concern like Cam implied.’
Just remember kiddies, just say no to drugs even the prescription ones nowadays.