The Bennett family has some good genes.

When superstar Chance The Rapper and his younger brother, Taylor Bennett, linked up for the latter’s debut album’s self-titled track, “Broad Shoulders”, it was apparent that the music gene coursed through the Bennett brother’s veins. It was their first, and for awhile, their last collaboration. But despite absent previous joint efforts, their shared DNA substituted any necessary previous studio or rehearsal time—their chemistry was undeniable. Now, the two are back at it again in spectacular fashion.

Upbeat instrumentals—akin to Chance’s Arthur theme song cover—provided by Chance’s longtime band, The Social Experiment, dominate the production for Chano and Taylor’s newest collab, “Gimme a Call”.

Somewhere between an inspiring gospel hymn and an XXL freshman audition tape, this song prospers. While Chance beautifully lends his gentle, raspy to the song’s hook and background, he makes way for little brother to prove that he can not only stand toe-to-toe with one of the game’s biggest stars, he can shine. “Gimme a Call” feels like the ultimate manifestation of parentally approved sibling rivalry—all in good fun; healthy, beneficial competition.

“Gimme a Call” comes as part of a set of an unfinished project by Taylor, Throw Aways: Unmixed. This 13-track tape serves as the unofficial follow-up to Taylor’s sophomore endeavor, Restoration of an American Idol. Bennett is always looking out for his fans, as he announced upon the tape’s release, “Allot of never released tracks just 4 you. have fun listen and share. until the album ill hold ya down. :).”

Stream “Gimme a Call” and the rest of Throw Aways: Unmixed below: