All praise to Chance.
Few artists command the respect and attention achieved by Chance The Rapper. Although he hasn’t released a project since summer 2016, he still consistently finds himself at the center of attention; it’s the talent he wields, and the power he exudes.

Earlier this week, rumblings about a new Chance project shook the hip-hop narrative, redirecting everyone’s minds toward the influential Chicago upstart. However, after Chance dismantled these rumors, a cloud was casted over the music world. But Chance is all about surprises and making people happy. Today, he’s done exactly that–he’s released four new tracks: “I Might Need Security”, “Work Out”, “Wala Cam”, and “65th Ingleside”.

While these are a collection of loose singles, rather than an EP, their artwork shares a similar cartoonish aesthetic, but the sonics explored on each track differ from one another; they demonstrate Chance’s vast musical command, as they are distillations of his multifaceted talents.

Check out all tracks below: