Some of you may be aware of my past beefs with Peter Rosenberg of New York’s famed Hot 97 radio station. According to Internets standards, it went something kind of epic. Long story short, he threw shots, I went hard. It was glorious! Still, being that I never met dude, it was never ever personal for me.
Recently, Rosenberg reached out to me with the intent of having dialogue. Being the man that I am, I agreed. Felt it was big of him to put himself out there, especially with how grimey cats can get, how all is fair in war.

The sitdown took place this past Wednesday. At the Hot 97 studio. It was all cool. We chopped it up for over an hour. Here’s some of the footage. Peter has the whole convo in it’s entirety over  here.

After we broke bread, beer summit but no beer, we truced it out, like how grown men should. So yes Internets, the beef between me and Rosenberg is officially over! Cot damn do I love this internet shit! And its only February.

Don’t sleep though, as we ended, I did let dude know if he ever got reckless with it again, he could expect that I’d get it popping off again. He said if it happened, than bring it, only next time, it’d be all good.

Let’s go!

And of couse, some of my peoples aren’t too happy with this act  of detente.


Combat Jack and Peter Rosenberg – The Truce Is On! from iHipHop on Vimeo.