consensus_kanyepowerMy site is fucked effd the fuck eff up. I’m really not happy about that. Not one bit. Still, gotta salute them Complex cats for respecting the God’s opinions when it comes to matters of fresh. This past Memorial Day weekend, Kanye West dropped the first single off his upcoming Good A$$ Job album. You already heard how crazy that ‘Power’ joint is. In the second in Complex’s hottest new Consensus series, in which “the Internets’ top tastemakers” react to leaks, Yeezy’s new heatrock gets dissected by your’s truly, along with:

Info (, John Gotty (The Smoking Section),  Robbie Ettelson (, Eskay (, ILLIONAIRE (, Elliott Wilson (, Dallas Penn (, Legend (, Jake Paine (, Paul “Gooch” Cantor (, Andrew Noz (, Nigel D. (, Maurice Garland (, Jayson Rodriguez (MTVNews), Nation (, Peter Rosenberg (, Meka (, Jeff Rosenthal (, Low Key (, and Noah Callahan-Bever (Complex).

That’s a heavy line-up, and I’m honestly honored to be amongst the above-listed bloggerati. Personally, I love ‘Power’, and it’s looking like Mr. West will dominate  4Q 2010. It’s interesting to read what my peers are thinking.

Whats The Consensus? The Internets’ Top Tastemakers React To Kanye West’s “Power” Leak