This is must-watch TV.

When 2000s creative flair meets a Millennial rapper, you get the polarizing, talented, hilarious, and entertaining North Carolina artist, DaBaby. Known for making as many hits — like the top-10 Billboard track, “Suge” — as he does headlines, DaBaby’s unapologetic attitude reflects the 27-year-old’s wealth of artistic and personal integrity. On the brand new video for his Baby on Baby hit, “Carpet Burn”, he synthesizes these ranging qualities into a unique and funny visual that plays like a film short.

Directed by Reel Goats, the “Carpet Burn” video finds DaBaby on his Eddie Murphy tip, as he’s seen playing, believably, almost the entire cast. From the handy man who lives out a fantasy to the starring individual of the notoriously embarrassing Louis Vuitton store altercation, “Carpet Burn” fosters DaBaby’s ranging talents, painting him as a hyphenate.

DaBaby is one of this generation’s more creative artists who understands the importance of distilling macro hip-hop trends into an enticing aesthetic. The “Carpet Burn” video aptly manifests this mentality into must-watch TV.

Watch “Carpet Burn” below: