Do you remember when Roc-A-Fella Records ruled the world? I do. Those were fun times too. The record business was still freewheeling and footloose. The budget for bullshit was still in effect. I partied hard on music label’s excesses on almost a nightly basis and no one threw a better party than Roc-A-Fella y’all.

The Roc was like Bad Boy x 10 (times ten). The broads were less classy but definitely more assy. Just being in the party meant you could take something to the telly. Shouts to the Liberty Inn, NYC. If you fuxed with the Roc during the ‘Dynasty’ album and you didn’t have wild amounts of random sex then you had no genitals. There are some chicks I could STILL beat out from back then. What the hell is Beanie Sigel’s problem?

I mean, I don’t even consider myself a fan of Jay-Z, but even I got paid lovely off his back sweat [ll]. I can’t begrudge Jay-Z for not giving me Mya’s phone number back then even though now she can be seen giving it up to any random coconut that hangs out at Carnival. I should have tried to bang Amil when I had the chance but I’m not salty with Jay-Z because I didn’t beat.

What kind of intimacy does Beanie think he had with Jay-Z? Here it is Jay-Z’s bottom dude Bleek is back on the block instead of the Roc (Nation) and even he ain’t complaining. For all we know Memph could be returning bottle and cans to keep his lights on, but whatever he is doing he is handling his biz by himself. Beans has no one in his corner if he keeps coming at Jay. Freeway has backed down from this situation as he tries to get his Jake One collabo project off the ground.

All Beans has to hold him down is Peedi. But why even go after Jay-Z anymore? Beans would be better off going after Wayne or Drake. Those are the horses in the lead of this race. jay-Z ain’t even running anymore. He’s dome with ya’. Beans failure to create this young and the restless soap opera only shows he has one life to live. The kids run the game now Beans. It’s time for you to come back to the real world.