|  September 16, 2008

Dame Dash and son






Looks like for once Dame Dash is going to be victorious. A Judge in Manhattan has just issued a arrest warrant for the Mother of Dame’s eldest son Damon Dash Junior AKA Boogie. Linda Williams the mother of the 16 year old is facing arrest after failing to return her son to his Father after his weekend visit to her home on Long Island.Boogie was supposed to return to his father’s house in Manhattan earlier this month  and failed to do so and at a court hearing earlier today when the warrant was issued, the whereabouts of the child is not known. Courts decided that custody be granted to Dame Dash and since then Dash and Williams have been involved in a constant battle regarding the courts decision.Legal reps for Williams have indicated that Boogie would actually prefer to stay with his Mother. Williams filed a petition in may of this year to gain full custody after accusing Dash of failing to be a responsible parent, insinuating that the Mogul failed to ensure their son had annual dental and medical check ups, had fired cooking staff and drivers so the sixteen year old had to cook his own meals and get himself to school. Williams also stated in the petition that for two months while living in his fathers house, Boogie had no hot water or electricity.