We’ve been waiting patiently for new solo Dave East material, and it looks like it will be worth the wait.

Dave East has been enjoying a busy 2017 thus far. But instead of occupying the limelight, he’s been playing a supplemental role by lending his talents to a variety of artists in a featured capacity. From lesser knows like C Wells and Disco Black, to established spitters like Mozzy and A$AP Ferg, East has been injecting his edgy lyricism across Hip Hop’s diverse plane. But now, it’s time for Dave East to reclaim the main spot, as he prepares for his EP’s release.

Paranoia: A True Story—a 13-track proejct—will drop this Friday, August 18th, and we’ve finally been given further insight by way of a finalized tracklist. Mirroring his varied feature handouts, East has recruited a wide selection of artists, headlined by Mass Appeal label head, Nas, and rounded out by R&B crooner, Chris Brown. Coming in almost a year after his 2016 project, Kairi Chanel, there are big expectations surrounding this project. But if East comes through with his battle-tested flow and storytelling, it will fit nicely in 2017’s dense project list.

Check out the tracklist below to see who else will accompany Dave on this trip, and be sure to stream the project on August 18th.