A cut from the Madden 20 soundtrack.

To most, Denzel Curry is having a breakout year. And by all intents and purposes, he is. The South Floridian has come through with two incredible projects over the past full year, with ZUU receiving album of the year nods, granting him his well-deserved recognition. (TA13OO came out in July ’18.)

But for Denzel, this is all just part of the plan — he’s known for quite some time that he was destined for greatness. Call it self-confidence, but Denzel is a musical stalwart and a genuine student of the game. To him, the game plan probably seems a bit delayed. Nevertheless, his moment is here — and he’s seizing it.

Furthering his prolific 2019, Denzel has come through today with “Shawshank” featuring Tate Kobang — a cut from the new Madden 20 soundtrack. 

Just because ZUU came out in May, doesn’t mean that Denzel needs a respite or is at a loss for inspiration. Contrarily, he seems like a well-oiled machine, ready to keep seizing his moment, ready to keep manifesting his destiny.

Listen to “Shawshank” below: