Bangladesh has announced to MTV that he has just signed a deal with Cash Money. Although he’s a known collaborator with the YMCMB camp this move is sort of odd, considering that business between both sides hasn’t always been too smooth. You see, Bangladesh has complained on numerous occasions about unpaid payments made by  Cash Money for his production on Wayne’s “A Milli” and “6 Foot, 7 Foot” (Check those links for Bangladesh’s previous rants). If I’m correct, there were stories just as recent as last week where Bangladesh had more to add to the whole unpaid royalties situation. But with this recent news, I guess money trumps all complaints in this situation.

According to Bangladesh, there is a new level of respect between both parties which prompted the move. Although he was short on details of the deal, he said Cash Money has offered him his first song deal of his career (I believe this will make him another artist on the roster similiar to DJ Khaled).  Hopefully all goes well this time around for Bangladesh instead of him crying foul play. Only time will tell.


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