Puff returned to Hot 97 and spoke with Funk Flex on G. Dep’s murder conviction among other things. He said that the confession most likely stemmed from substance abuse and that he wasn’t in his right state of mind.

“None of that was in G. Dep’s nature. When there were certain things that he was going through with the substance abuse situation, he would be a different person. But on an every day [basis], he was probably one of the nicest, most quietest, shyest, most humble cats that was out there. It was just so out of his character that it was mind-blowing and so when I had heard after the main announcement, he had retracted his confession and he basically said he didn’t do it,” he said. “I was like, OK, maybe he was under the influence when he confessed. And then out of nowhere, they said he was convicted which was such a shame, because he’s such a great talent. And it all stemmed from substance abuse.”