Dipset Speaks On Working With Dr. Dre

 |  October 4, 2010

Deanna Cruz caught up with Jim Jones, Cam’ron, and Juelz Santana at this weekend’s Funkmaster Flex custom car show in Providence to discuss the Diplomat’s reunion.   During the interview, Jimmy told Deanna that Dipset had a long studio session with Dr. Dre, but he’s unsure of what will come of the recordings.  Jim continued, saying that his solo abum is once again pushed back, mentioning that he has a single called “Perfect Day” coming out soon, accompanied by two street singles, one of which is called “Blow Your Smoke.”  The Capo also spoke about producing and starring in a Tae Bo-style workout tape (possible title: G’s Up With Jimmy?)


Throughout the interview, Cam acted like he had ADHD and kept tugging on Juelz chain wallet before telling Deanna that Vado will contribute to the Diplomat’s forthcoming album.  Juelz then dropped the gem that he actually went to school with Vado and that they’ve all known each other for quite a while.  Juelz went on to discuss having his second child and how it has given him a different outlook on life.  Basically, if you’ve read up to this point, there’s no reason to watch the interview…