Dirk Nowitzki Has The “POWER”

 |  November 29, 2010

A spoof of Kanye West’s highly cinematic “POWER” music video aired Saturday night prior to the Dallas Mavericks’ 106-95 victory over the Miami Heat.  In this video, Dirk Nowitzki takes on the role of Yeezy as the rest of the team (and 2 cheerleaders) assume the position of the goddess-like females…wonder what that’s supposed to symbolize…According to the Maverick’s official YouTube page, “As most humans understand, the single most powerful force in the universe is not gravity, Dancing with the Stars or the product that keeps Jimmy Johnson’s hair from moving….it is Dirk Nowitzki’s fallaway jumpshot. If you don’t know this fact, you will understand it over the next one minute and twenty seconds.”  Why do I still think Mark Cuban’s checkbook is more powerful?