|  January 26, 2009


How embarrassing this must be, your undies go on auction for 5 bucks but they only get a buck for them. The once owner of the clean and still in the pack undies was in fact Suge Knight whose personal belongings from his Death Row days went on sale at auction this weekend in Los Angeles. Everything from the legendary label was auctioned off that wasn’t included with the sale of the actual company which happened also last week. The label was purchased by a Canadian company called WIDEawake for $18 million. The small relatively unknown company is now hoping to restore Death Row’s reputation as it starts planning to unveilthe unreleased material it purchased.
Lara Lavi the CEO of WIDEawake said in a press release “I want to make sure that whatever we do is good for the Death Row artists. I want to see this Death Row brand go back to being about the artists who created its sound — and step away from the tabloid elements of its prior management.”
Well if Suge is truly out of the picture then I would say the company is in with a chance, but if Suge fancies his chances against the self proclaimed ‘Jewish soccer mom/entertainment lawyer/singer-songwriter chick’ it seems like she is ready for the fight.