Diz Gibran Is Back!

 |  April 13, 2011

So on April 7th, 2009 a rapper, Diz Gibran, and a producer, Moonshine, dropped a classic mixtape/album entitled Soon You’ll Understand.  To be honest I don’t feel like the project had the impact it should have.  Talk about a composition of music.  The LA based duo managed to create a modern boom-bap type sound while maintaining a level of originality & modernness.  They just made music that not only I enjoyed, but a lot of people I respect enjoyed as well.

However, soon after the project was released Diz just kind of dissapeared.  I saw him occasionally on twitter talking about being an Italy and sh*t.  I get the vibe dude has been on a slight soul search.  He actually says in this newest leak “took some time off had to get some life sh*t situated”.  Speaking of the track it is the title song off Diz & Moon’s upcoming project, The Return.

Diz Gibran “The Return” (prod. Moonshine)