DMV Hip-Hop Awards Get Ugly…

 |  March 7, 2011

Why come together as a community, when we can just rage and break things/throw chairs.  C’mon DMV.  You’re better than this.  According to The Washington Post:

  • An estimated 1,500 artists, promoters, bloggers and fans had crammed into the ballroom of the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City for the fifth annual awards ceremony celebrating the area’s burgeoning hip-hop scene. But not everyone had a seat. Some had already had too much to drink. And as the ceremony wore on, losing factions began booing the winners.

    At about 9:45 p.m., witnesses say it turned ugly. During a program intermission, a fight errupted between two crews, quickly spiraling into a full-scale brawl in the hotel atrium. Witnesses said that between 20 and 60 people were involved in the altercation. Punches were thrown. Bottles were broken. Tables were flipped.

If it isn’t on youtube, did it actually happen? (The violence starts at 1:30)