The line-up for Bonnaroo, the annual music/drug fest held in Tennessee, was just announced and it looks like Lil Wayne and Eminem are the headliners.  This would have been dope in 1998 when nobody knew who Eminem was and he was making songs about overdosing on magic mushrooms and robbing banks.  Now, this just looks like a ploy to get more and more people to come to the festival, thus ending its reign as a counterculture event…whatever, there’s always Camp Bisco and possibly the return of Rothberry this year.  Eminem will also headline Lollapalooza this year


Despite my rant about Bonnaroo, the rest of the lineup looks legit.  Besides this isn’t the first year the festival’s booked a notable headliner. Previously Metallica, Kanye West, Bruce Springstein and Pearl Jam have performed at the festival.


Acts of interest for 2011 include Wiz Khalifa, Atmosphere, STS9, Pretty Lights, Big Boi, Gregg Allman, Gogol, Bordello, Bassnectar, J. Cole, The Black Keys, Buffalo Springfield, The Strokes, Bootsy Collins, Primus, and Girl Talk.

For the full lineup, click here.