Eve Plans To Lock Lips In September

 |  March 23, 2011

After a hiatus from music, Eve is thinking about releasing her upcoming album, Lip Lock, in September. Originally she had planned to release it three months later, but Eve doesn’t plan on holding it off any longer. Just yesterday, behind-the-scenes photos for the shooting of the video for her single ‘Coolin’ featuring Swizz Beatz were released all over the internet, with no snippets or release of the actual single. Way to keep the anticipation up.

Last month, Eve was in Jamaica for the Excellence in Music and Entertainment Awards where she was honored. She and Lady Saw sat down for an interview with Jamaica Observer. “I’m also working on my new album that will come out hopefully in September, and I’m really excited about that,” Eve said.

Hopefully it won’t take Eve long, especially since her change of record labels, she had noted that she had to make some musical direction changes. In an interview with New York Post, she said “But with all the time that passed, we went back in and reworked the whole thing. I am truly, truly sitting on some amazing music. Nobody’s been waiting longer than me to get this monkey off my back!” The two singles “Tambourine” and “Give It To You” will be featured on the album, but as bonus tracks.