Frank Ocean is definitely on his way up especially with his summer jam, “Novacane,” getting ridiculous radio time.  But what’s even more exciting is the news we caught wind of this past weekend of is an interesting music collaboration in the works. Frank Ocean took his excitement to his Tumblr page that he has landed the opportunity to work with Kanye West and Jay-Z.

[I] don’t wanna spoil too much for you, but.. you’re on a plane right now to the east coast to work with kanye west & jay-z. it’s all working out kid. you made it.”

The artist is definitely doing some big things, he has working on a track for Beyonce’s 4 on his resume, he also worked with Nas and Pharrell Williams. The icing on the cake would be a cameo on Watch The Throne, but that is not a speculation than a certainty.